Who we are

We are a sports club focusing on combat sports and self-defense. We have been in Brno for more than 10 years. The main instructor and chief is Lukas Wolf, he is a two times former world champion in kickboxing, one time silver-medalist in the World Championship in Muay Thai, he was in the national team of the Czech Republic in Sanda, Fullcontact, Kickboxing, Muay Thai for more than 10 years. We focus on all age cathegories, including children. We train, fight, stage tournaments and seminars. All our instructors are well educated, English-speaking, experienced professionals who are one of the best sports personalities in their sports. We train with the best instructors from the U.S.A., Great Britain, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Slovakia and other countries.



Address: Jana Babáka 11, Building A, 2nd floor

Phone: 736 538 862

E-mail: fightclub@fightclub.cz

Account number: 2801236709/2010


Our Instructors

  • Lukáš Wolf – self-defense, kickbox, sanda, MMA, grappling
  • Petr Santler – box
  • Michal Plch  – kickbox 
  • František Stráník – kickbox
  • Jan Stach – grappling, movement project
  • Jakub Dohnal – kickbox, MMA
  • Hynek Lattenberg – kyokushin

Before the First Training

First time IT IS NECESSARY TO MAKE A REGISTRATION. You can choose a training on the schedule and you are welcome at each lesson. Each first entry is for free after the registration. The instructor will explain the rules to you at the training. You will not need any special equipment, we will have plenty of protective equipment that you may use. You will need only sports clothes, some drink and of course a towel.  

How to Order a Pass

  • Log in to the system
  • Click on the link saying “Passes“ and then on “Buy a Pass“.
    • The passes are general so there is no need to choose your particular sport. This allows you to attend any other lesson as well.
  • Confirm by clicking on “Add a Pass“.
    • You may book for trainings immediately with your new pass but it is listed as unpaid and therefore it is necessary to either pay for it at your next training or by transfering money to our account..


Reservation System

  • Everyone who wants to use passes is required to create an account in our reservation system.
    • If possible the login should correspond to the persons name so that each person is easy to find to his or her account so that the payments are easy to match to their respective accounts.
  • A person who does not want to register is allowed to pay each training separately but there is a risk of not being admitted to the lesson due to limited space.
  • Passes can be paid for in two ways:
    • In cash to the instructor in the gym
    • By transfering the money to our club account 2801236709/2010
  • Each pass is valid for TWO MONTHS and it is NOT POSSIBLE to extend its validity after these two months.
  • Classes CANNOT be reserved retroactively, therefore if you come to a training without a reservation, it is necessary to pay for such lesson on the spot.
  • Whoever participates at a competition on behalf of the club is entitled to ONE discounted competitors‘ pass (doubling the number of accesses to our classes)

Private Trainings with an Instructor

You can make a deal with any instructor for private lessons but only in the free time. The group could have 1 – 5 members or more if agreed upon. The price can be modified according to the number of people, time and instructor. The entry to the gym is 100 CZK for one in all cases and instructor takes this into account. You should ask your instructor for his or her specific prices.


Self-defense – RBSD

We present our own views on self-defense which is not constitued by one particular style or a system. We have experience with and are official representatives of multiple systems: Martin Mikolášek (RBSD), Urban Combatives (Lee Morrison), Reality Based Personal Protection (Jim Wagner), Crazy Monkey Defense Program (Rodney King), our own experience from work for numerous security agencies and years of working as bouncers in Brno and other places.


Box (originally also known as cornering) is a combat sport in which two opponets try to knock each other out with punches that are allowed by the rules.


Grappling is a type of wrestling in which a wrestler is required to put the opponent into a situation in which the opponent is forced to surrender. In order to do so the wrestler uses submission techniques. These are primarily techniques from ground-fighting – leverages (locks), chokes and breaking. Grappling is basically a sports version of MMA which does not allow kicks or punches.


Kickboxing is a martial art combining punches (known from e.g. boxing) and leg techniques (known from e.g. karate). This martial art was created in the second half of the 20th century.


Kyokushinkai Karate is the toughest of all styles of karate in which the sports fighting is performed without any protective gear and the techniques are performed with full force and in full-contact. The points are awarded based on so-called knock-down or for visible damage to the opponent (knocking the breath out, limping or other manifestation of pain).


MMA is an abbreviation for Mixed Martial Art; it is a modern full-contact sports discipline using kicks, punches other hand and leg strikes, wrestling techniques, takedowns, ground fighting (leverages, holds, chokes and strikes) from various martial arts and combat sports.

Comfit – Movement Project

The word  “Comfit“ is an acronym for Combat Fitness and it is a program by Lee Morrison and it stands for a physical conditioning program in which we do not work on the technique but we try to increase our physical fitness in an interesting way and connect it directly to the training which we use for traning combat sports and self-defense.


Chinese kickboxing is a full-contact combat sport originating from traditional Chinese Wushu and takes from its incredibly priceless historic variety. Since 1989 in which the first world championship in wushu took place, it is an essential part of all of the following competitions. Nowadays it is practiced in more than 80 countries of the world.


Muaythai also known as Thai Boxing (thaibox) is a Thai full-contact martial atr. Besides regular puncehs and kicks, also knee and elbow strikes are allowed. Each fight starts by a traditional ceremony vai-kru (dance-prayer). Muay Thai fighters wear headbands braided from a string called mong-kon.


The combat and self-defense classes for children are structured in the way that the children learn basic punches, kicks, throws, takedowns and ground techniques in a form of game.